About Us

Living more sustainably doesn't require a lot of effort or money - your steps into our showroom can make a huge impact to change your Home decor life into an easy and comfortable one

Our Story :

Since 1997, Shree Jain Furnishing, is undoubtedly the most flourishing company in India. Our clients then were amazed by all of the simple, well-designed and affordable things they had purchased for their homes. With a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, we quickly became a place people were talking about. As the owners, designers and craftsmen became our new friends, each of their products became something more special to us. Each had a history. Each reflected a personality and a lifestyle. Now we could tell a customer not only how something was made and how to use it, but also why it was designed in the first place

Today after all of this successful expansion, we continue to share our passion and excitement for all furnishings at "Home" & "Office" by providing quality products, timeless designs and expert guidance

What we do :

We provide a complete "Home Furnishing" & "Office Furnishing" solutions to some of the most demanding names & brands in this business

How we do :

We integrate traditional craftsmanship and modern technology with decades of experience in apparel, uncompromising quality control & consistency for covering a wide spectrum of furnishing fabrics and home textiles.

Our Team & Software:

We have a steadfast commitment to quality and take great pride in our timeless designs , premium materials and expert craftsmanship

With dedicated design & merchandising teams supported by state of the art facilities and latest CAD software, we are able to develop fashion ideas for the biggest home brands, globally.

Our Latest Developments :

Shree Jain Furnishing is your source for expert design and production of specialty application fabrics

Customers throughout the world have come to rely on Shree Jain Furnishing for the sourcing of specialty textiles. Our team of skilled textile engineers explores the endless possibilities of current and future fabric applications in a wide variety of fabrics.

A separate new fabric development cell is continuously experimenting with new avenues in rich jacquards, exclusive Indian fabrics -like silks, velvets, chenille, voiles denims and organza along with coordinating development activities with our sourcing offices in far east for linens and synthetic fabrics.

We Deliver Quality :

Quality policy of the division starts from the design stage. The Design Team is responsible to see that the product offered is amenable to quality production at economical prices with optimum utilization of available materials. We hire knowledgeable & experienced designers who can understand your needs in a detailed manner.

Why Shree Jain Furnishing:

All this is backed by an impeccable track record in manufacturing consistency and quality management with many of the biggest and the best names in the business worldwide. We invite the discerning buyer to feel the difference.

Shree Jain Furnishing Services Advantage :

1. Beautiful, high quality products at affordable prices.

2. A showroom with thousands of pieces available for immediate delivery.

3. In-home /office design consultation,

4. Expert installation service with over 20 years experience.

5. Kind and courteous delivery and set up service arranged at your convenience & much more to explore with us.